Our standard tour, is a half day excursion in the beautiful Patterson Inlet/ Te Whaka a Te Were.

We provide all equipment necessary for comfortably diving these cool Southern waters.

We have a variety of boat accessible spots we visit, depending on the conditions.

  • Tour Duration

    2-3 hours

  • Group size

    2 - 14 People

  • Equipment

    Warm equipment provided

  • Price


  • Boat Transfer


Octopus and Guide

Our equipment

We strive to deliver a comfortable in experience, and we understand the importance of not getting cold.

Our wetsuits are 6.5mm thick and we wear 3mm hooded vests underneath them. In other words, you will be wearing a lot of wetsuit!

An extra hooded vest is available for those who get especially cold.

We also provide socks, gloves, weight belts, masks and fins for the dive.

Equipment example

Our locations

The temperate waters of Patterson Inlet are host to a rich and unique Kelp Forest Ecosystem. Due to the sheltered and nutrient rich waters, there are over 260 species of native seaweed. Within these kelp forests live a multitude of different marine organisms.

Usually, we head to the coastline of Ulva Island, into the Te Wharawhara Marine Reserve. These are 3 reserves totalling 1075 hectares.

Our locations differ depending on the weather, but we have many different wonderful spots for different wind angles, ensuring we can find a calm, sheltered bay in most conditions.

For longer tours and charter tours we can head further afield, to other parts of the Rakiura Coastlines.

Kelp Forest Drone